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Input current and previous year accounts
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Childminder Accounts is a package that will enable you to keep up to date with your weekly or monthly accounts on desktop and on the go with our mobile app.

Our service is tailor made to include expenses that are relevant to you as a Childminder, making it easier to pick an item and add notes and amounts specific to that item. You will also have the opportunity to upload a copy of receipts and attached them to your files.

Whether you choose weekly or monthly accounting, the expenses will be totalled and figures automatically sent through to your final accounting page. You will be able to add your incomes detailing child ‘A’ or child ‘B’ for instance, the number of hours the child attends, the total income amount and you can even complete your invoices ready to submit to a parent.

This all results in an accounting page that details your gross income, expense totals (including wear & tear and your home expenses) to give you a net profit figure. All of these calculations are what you need to submit your tax return to HMRC which you can access from a link on our page.

You can also view direct links for information on tax tables (including personal allowance, Class 2 & 4 National Insurance) and information on the allowable percentages on household expenses e.g. heating and lighting, water & Council Tax. Childminder Accounts allows you to input past accounts for previous months/periods, view previously submitted accounts for information and print your accounting pages on a weekly/monthly basis. Furthermore, you can do all of this while on the go through our app.

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